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Symbol Analysis

Tihira Johnson

Symbol Analysis

In the book Of Mice and Men there are many symbols. Three main symbols are Candy’s dog, Lennie’s puppy, and The Farm. In this essay I will be explaining why these are the main symbols in the book.
A good explanation for what Candy’s dog represents may be ending of dreams, death, and sickness. Candy’s dog represents the ending of dreams because just maybe, Candy may have wanted to have planned his future with his dog and now he realizes that he can’t. It represents death because the dog is now dead and has become a foreshadow that Candy may be next. It is a representation of sickness because both Candy and his dog are sick. They both are very old and ready for death.

An example of why Lennie’s puppy is a main symbol is because it represents joy. The puppy represents joy because it is very playful, careless, and carefree. This symbol is important to the book because in way the dog represents the future that both Lennie and George will one day share. When Lennie receives the puppy it comes at the same time that George, Lennie, and Candy plan their future.

Finally, The Farm is a complex symbol. It represents heaven, success and peace. These symbols are important to the book because when Lennie gets killed he finally gets the farm that he’s been dying to have. It represents success because they were all striving for success and once they had the farm they would have reached their goal. It represents peace because both Lennie and Candy’s dog are now at peace and in a way so is George. He doesn’t have to worry about Lennie getting into trouble or killing people anymore.
In conclusion, some people never realize the importance of symbols and they may miss half the story. But as we can see by analyzing Of Mice and Men there is a better understanding of the conflict and everything that goes on in the book. So next time you read a book be sure to look for symbols because they really help.

Service Learning reflection

Tihira Johnson

The Mirror: What have I learned about myself through this experience?

I have learned so much about myself throughout this experience. I have learned that I really can work and cooperate with others in a very respectful manner. I have learned that what I do reflects on others and that encourages me to do better.

The Microscope: Describe three moments of failure, success, indecision,doubt, humor, frustration, happiuness, sadness?

Three moments of failure would be trying to change school lunch, trying to go out and eat for lunch, and trying to sell sandwiches as a small adevertisement just to see if the students would preferr to eat that type of lunch so that we’ll know what to do for next year.Three moments of success would be pretty much nothing because we have’nt really had any successes due to the fact that we have’nt really done anything to have any successes.Indecisions would be mainly everything that we have done as far as the going out, the trying to call companies to sponser our schools lunches, and pretty much combinding as a group to get things done the right way.Doubts there aren’t many doubts except for the fact that we can not change school lunch because the schools landlord will not rerenevate the kitchen to a full service lunchroom. Humor, there is alot of humor within our group even our teacher has a little humor which makes the group very intertaining and fun to be a part of I myself have alot of humor within the group but overall the humor is what makes the group fun. Frustration, yes there is alot of that as well espoecially when the teacher talks and talks abotu the same thing over and over again, and when we take walks and the instructor does not know where she’s going that makes me so frustrated and angry because I get tired of walking to the same place. Another frustration would be the constant trying and getting told no all the time about school lunches. Happiness, that would be when we get our school better lunches, that would be a major happiness for me and the entire school. I think that is the only happiness that can happen.Sadness, there are no sadnesses because if we can’t get it I don’t that that anyone would be sad they’ll just continue living nobody will loose sleep over the situation because it’s really not that big of a deal.

The Binoculars: How will service learning change your future behaviors/attitudes and career?

In my own personal opinion I honestly do not think that service learning can change a person because you can not change a person that person has to be willing to change his/herself making them join a service learning group is not going to change them unless they change willingly.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Of Mice and Men quiz

Tihira Johnson


Q: How was Of Mice and Men similar to Native Son?

A: Of Mice and Men and Native Son are similar because in both books a girl acidentally gets killed by a man with problems.

Q: What do you see as the as other possible outcomes for George shooting Lennie?

A: Other possible ways would have been for George and Lennie to continue to run as they do all the time, or they could’ve just found new jobs.

Q: What were some of the motives as to why Curley was sp defensive?

A: Some of the motives as to why Curley was so defensive was because he had a complex of him being short, that he always tried to fight bigger people, and he did not trust his wife around people because he feared she would cheat on him.

Q: What was the problem with Lennie and soft things?

A: The problem with Lennie liking soft things was probably because it reminds him of his aunt Clara, it’s probably because he has a life that is so hard that he needs something soft to make is life easier, or it maybe because when he was a child most children liked soft things and grew to like soft things when they are grown up.

Q: Where did life changes occur between Lennie and George?

A: Life changes ocurred between Lennie an George, when George shot Lennie, they’re lives changed because now they would never see eachother again.

Q: Can you explain what must have happened when Lennie accidently killed the little puppy?

A: Most likely Lennie was rubbing the dog and eventually he squeezed the puppy so hard that the puppy bit him and Lennie squeezed harder and the puppy died.

Q: What are some of the problems with George and Lennie’s Life?

A: Some of the problems with George and Lennie’s life is that they both really do not have much money and they have no family to love and care for them, and they also have no stable place to live, no means of transportation so they pretty much are poor.

Q: How was Candy similar to is dog?

A: Candy was similar to his dog because they were both very old and ready to die.

Q: If you were responsible for Lennie how would you take care of him?

A: If I were responsible for Lennie I would never let him come out side because I would fear that he would kill somebody and get us both in trouble or get us both killed. I would not let him touch anthing that is alive and breathing.

Q: What do you supppose would have happened if Lennie did not obey George’s demand to fight back?
A: I think that Lennie probably would have just taken the beaten and would have ended up all bloody and him being so tough and strong, he probably would have just been ready to touch something soft, or he probably would have just acted as a five year old and crawled up ina corner covering his face.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Of Mice and Men!!!!!!!

Of Mice and Men was a very facinating movie for several reasons.

First, it showed how two men really cared about eachother no matter how the other one was. It showed that many people do honestly have hearts, meaning that in the movie and from what I’ve read in the book Lennie and George shared a bond and pretty much a dream that they once hoped to fulfill being pretty much poor with not really alot of money just enough for them to survive.

Second, I like the story because it showed that mental people are not always what people think of them. They have the ability to think for themselves. They have feelings and and they can be very strong when it comes to working and getting the job done. In the story Lennie who is supposed to be the guy with the mental problem seems to be very smart and defensive when it comes to his partner george, he seems to really care about people and animals.

Last, I like the story because it was very sad especially the part where Lennie and Curley had that little altercation and George tells Lennie to fight back and when he does he squeezes Curley’s hand until it literally bleeds and after that he started crying saying “ I did’nt mean to hurt him”, that part was very sad and heart felt it almost made me cry because of how sad it was.

Inconclusion, I would recomend this story to anyone who looks down on mental people because they do have feelings and they really do care and they may be as strong as Lennie so watch what you say and do to them.

The Skin Im in!!!!!!

The book called the Skin I’m In was a very great book for many different reason,

First the book was a great book because it told the story about a young girl who was teased and tormented everyday in school about how dark she was, the kids would call her all types of names, names such as Black and Ugly they would aslo tease her about the way she dressed, she would have to wear clothing that her mother made for her, which she really did not like at all so she would borrow clothing from her only friend, because of that she would get teased even more.

Second, I liked the book because it is based on true real life things that go on in young teens meaning things like poor families, children who are depressed and have very low self-esteem because of things that go in in school in their personal life where the family cannot afford the things their children need. The book is also about teen stress the girl in the book undergoes alot of stress, she feels that she is unable to get a man because of the way she looks and the guy that she likes is the same as the other kids but although he likes her back he does’nt want the other kids to know that he likes her.

Finally, I like the book because of the way the narrator tells the story, he tells the story as if we were actually there. The narrator also puts the story in a perspective where as though the reader feels where the girl in the book is coming from and it makes the reader feel like they have been there before even if you has’nt been there before you still feel as if you were.

Inconclusion, These are my reasons as to why I liked the book The Skin Im In.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Service learning

In Fridays service learning group we talked with Mrs lynn about the problems that we have had with the selling of the foods and she said that she really didn't like how we did not give her a three day notice about us selling food near her because she could get in trouble for it. We also talked with Mrs Lynn about food services and she was able to tell us that we could petition and get children to get the school better lunches and one of my group members who is Katonya Leach drew a rough draft of a petition just to get started. We also talked about changing the service learning schedule or keeping it at 45mins or raising it to 90mins because the last service learning meetings there are a numerous amount of trips going on so they asked for our opinion on what we would rather have it be. Last we talked about a rubric where we had to evaluate ourselves and have it turned in by the next service learning meeting. These are all the things that we talked about within our service learning groups.